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Стальная Ярость: Харьков 1942
Steel Fury (English)
Steel Armor / Стальной удар
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STEEL FURY: Kharkov 1942

Video lessons on creation of polygons and missions.

Attention! All video lessons only in Russian language!

The first part of video of lessons shows process of preparation of the initial data for polygons creation, result of generation of polygons and detailed study of its surface in the editor. Demonstration of placement and setting of various objects of a landscape, vegetation, materials and special areas is shown.

The second part of video of lessons shows process of creation of mission. Demonstration of placement of divisions, a writing of scripts, placement and setting of triggers creation of positions and art-fire setting is shown. Process of debugging of mission is shown.

Source files of polygon and mission used for creation of video lessons are in a file lesson_data.zip. Unpack their archiver, place in corresponding folders. Then generate polygon and open mission in the editor.

ATTENTION! For viewing of lessons it is necessary to establish codecs. For this purpose in a installation DVD, in section OTHER it is necessary to choose subsection CODECS and to establish codec OGG. (OGG Codecs automatically installed with game)

Fast start.

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Quick Start

How quickly to create the mission and polygon?

Part 1. Creation of polygon and work in the editor of polygons

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Polygons Editor

The general principles of work in the editor of polygons

New polygon

Creation of new polygon and mission

Source data

Preparation of the source data for polygon generation

Polygon. Part 1

Placement of objects on polygon

Polygon. Part 2

Completion of the received polygon

Part 2. Creation of new mission and work in the editor of missions

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MIssion Editor

The general principles of work in the editor of missions


Setting of time of days, weather and illumination


Placement of divisions


Setting triggers


Setting positions


Setting scripts of divisions

Art fire

Setting artillery fire and flares

Writing script

Writing of scripts of divisions

The game logic

Setting of game logic and marks in map

Mission check

Check functionality of missions


Setting of text and colour coding

Look also video-lessons in English (by fabianfred)
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