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mission "T-72 Amped up Crossroads v2" (for T-72:BoF)


This is the T-72 BOF Crossroads mission with added features and additional allied and enemy vehicles. This update includes fully stablized 100mm guns on all T-55's and the SU-100, and updated names of the script and cache files so that downloading this mission does not disrupt T-72 BOF campaign gameplay for new users.

The cache file is: AmpedUpCrossrds.ca
The script file is: Crossrds.pd

You have an infantry squad, and two T-55A's under your command. In support you have two other infantry squads, and an MRLS multiple rocket launch system. The MRLS is off map, so you will only see the explosions on the enemy position. The enemy forces consist of 3 T-72's, 2 T-55's, an SU-100, 3 infantry squads, and an Mi-8 helicopter. One T-72 and one SU-100 will remain near the town with two infantry squads, but the other four AFV's have instructions to manuver. The Mi-8 and another infantry squad will show up later as enemy reinforcements as you approach the town. Enjoy!

Mortarman Deke

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