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mission "T-72 Meeting Engagement Howitzer FFE" (for T-72:BoF)


Updated Meeting Engagement mission with changes to enemy vehicles, and an allied artillery fire for effect.

The cache file is: MeetingEngagementv5.ca
The script file is: Meetingv5.pd

This is the Single mission Meeting Engagement with the enemy T-55A's and SU-100's
replaced by Leopard 1A4's and Shturm-S's, and the allied Leopard 1A4's and infantry replaced by
3 T-55A tanks, and an SU-100. The allied T-55A's, Su-100 and the two T-72's and additional SU-100 under your command are positioned in the dry lake beds on the south side of the map near your starting position. The Leopard 1A4's & Shturm-S's have the same script commands as the 2 T-55A's and the SU-100's did. Additionally, the 2 enemy T-72's, 2 Shturm-S's, additional SU-100 and infantry squad remain the same. Shortly after the beginning of the mission the allied Artillery fire for effect will begin.

The 2 T-72's and SU-100 are under your direct command so be sure to issue the command to Open Fire to them as soon as possible. You can hold them in reserve until later in the battle - thus you can have them engage the enemy and maneuver at your discretion. Enjoy!

Mortarman Deke

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