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mission "T-55 Improved Commando v2" (for T-72:BoF)


The version 2 of this mission includes a fully stabilized 100mm tank gun for the player's T-55A tank. Also, the cache file and script file have been renamed to prevent disruption to the T-72 BOF campaign missions for new users wishing to download this file.

This is an improvement to the difficult T-55A Commando mission in which you are tasked with killing an arms dealer in heavily patrolled enemy territory.

The cache file is: Imprvd Commando Mssn.ca
The script file is: ImpCmmdo.pd

This mission depicts a mission into territory held by a well equiped mechanized infantry division. The 2 enemy T-55A's have been replaced by 2 T-72's. The 3 T-34/85's have been replaced by 2 Shturm-S's
and a Leopard 1A4. Your allied Recon fire team has been reinforced with an additional RPG soldier, and you have a counter mech' element under your command consisting of 2 B-11 AT guns, 2 RPG soldiers, 2 officers, and an MTLB. They are located in a dry lake bed in the south center part of the map. My recommendation is to use your preferred method of clearing the Commando mission. Don't command the counter mech' force to move, but do command them to open fire as they can be used to ambush patroling enemy armored forces, and help you to take out the enemy T-72's once they initiate their search and destroy for your tank and crew. Good luck!

Mortarman Deke

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