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mission "T-72 BOF Capture Radar Outpost v2" (for T-72:BoF)


Version 2 of this mission includes the following changes.

1) The MTLB's have been removed to reduce the vehicle count in the mission and improve game play.
2) The enemy helicopters now have their own elevated search and destroy script point to improve their speed and maneuverability.
3) The enemy SU-100 now has a fully stabilized 100mm tank gun.
4) The script file has been renamed to prevent disruption to the original training mission for new T-72 BOF users.

The cache file is: Radar_Outpost.ca
The script file is: RadOutpst.pd

In this mission you and the forces assigned to you are tasked with capturing an enemy early warning radar site. Commander's intent is to defeat the armored forces holding this area and capture the radar antenna and control tower intact, with minimal or no damage to the other structures that make up the radar facility.

The enemy forces protecting this area are elite elements of an armored regiment which intelligence reports consists of four distinct elements. 1) A mechanized infantry element of 2 T-72's, an SU-100 tank destroyer, and an infantry squad. 2) An armored cavalry element consisting of a Shturm-S cavalry fighting vehicle, and a Leopard 1A4 tank. 3) A stationary countermech' force consisting of a Sprut-B heavy anti-tank gun, and an infantry squad including at least 3 RPG soldiers. 4) A flight of 2 Mi-8 helicopters.

Your forces consist of the T-72B tank, along with two T-55A's, and an economy of forces infantry squad made up of 4 automatic riflemen and 3 RPG gunners. In order to complete the mission, you need to defeat the above mentioned forces, and move your forces to the hill on which the radar antenna is situated to capture the enemy radar site. As you approach the battlefield, an enemy supply depot is situated to your right front as you approach. In order to ensure your right flank is clear, Allied Command will conduct an MRLS rocket strike on that storage facility to destroy it which you can watch from safe distance as you get ready to move out. Allied Command will also be providing a 7 minute fire for effect of howitzer artillery in an area of what is perceived to be a likely enemy rally point in the enemy defense of the area surrounding the radar facility.

It is strongly recommended that you go into your CFG Mode ("cfgmode.ca" in your T-72 Balkans On Fire CACHE file) for the game and increase your tank's armor to "2" to increase your armor reflecting that of an actual T-72B.

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