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mission "T-72 Armored Clash" (for T-72:BoF)


In this mission you are operating in support of a small armored task force whose objective
is to retake a village recently captured by enemy mechanized forces north of your location.

The opposing forces have also roadblocked the highway that passes through the village. Access
to this roadway is critical to allied war efforts in this area. Therefore allied command is
ordering an armored assault immediately with the resources we currently have in the area.

Your tank is a T-72B and you are in direct command of a T-55A and an SU-100 which are held
in reserve. You are in support of two maneuver elements. One consisting of 2 T-55A's, an
SU-100, and an RPG tank hunter fire team. The other consisting of 2 T-72's. Both maneuver
elements are under orders to search and destroy enemy mechanized forces. On the approach to
the battlefield, a brief artillery fire for effect will be conducted on an exposed enemy roadblock
check point recently identified by allied intelligence. As your maneuver elements move out,
take up an overwatch position of your preference and provide direct fire support for your forces.

Your enemy has three groups making up their force in the area. They have an armored cavalry
force that will approach from the northeast consisting of 2 Leopard 1A4's and 2 Shturm-S's,
an armored cavalry force that will approach from the northwest also consisting of 2 Leopard 1A4's
and 2 Shturm-S's. These two elements have been alerted to your task force's approach and are under
orders to search destroy your forces. The third group of the enemy's armored force is stationary
and is currently deployed in and around the village to the north. This third element consists
of 2 Leopard 1A4's, a Shturm-S, and an economy of forces RPG tank hunter infantry squad.

The air in this mission environment is very clear so expect to exchange fire with the enemy at
very long ranges - on the order of 2 km at times. There will be some very short range exchanges
as well between allied and enemy armored units when they encounter each other in the denser wooded
areas and in the rolling hills.

To successfully complete the mission, destroy all three enemy groups, and take up a position
in the village. If you are immobilized order the T-55A and SU-100 that are in reserve to
move into town. If you are defeated, feel free to watch the battle between allied and enemy
mechanized forces unfold in the post mission fly through. Enjoy!

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