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mission "T-55 Communication Towers" (for T-72:BoF)


Communication Towers T-55A Mission

**CommTowers t55.ca is the map file.
**CommTowers t55.pd is the script file.

I have finished testing of a new T-55A mission that I have put together in the T-34/85 Ambush mission environment. I will upload this one to the Battlefront Repository today, and it will be available as soon as the Battlefront.com administrators approve the files.

Here is the overview of this mission:
Recent successes in a series of battles allied forces have had against the enemy have pushed front lines forward sufficiently close to a strategically important enemy radio re-transmitter facility used to relay and re-transmit radio communication between a large amount of enemy units.

Commander's Intent is to approach the facility, draw out, and destroy the mechanized forces protecting the enemy radio re-transmitter facility. This will allow for a technically skilled infantry squad to be safely transported to and dropped off by APC at the outskirts of the facility. This infantry squad and MTLB are currently located adjacent to a recenly captured enemy helicopter landing pad to the west of your starting point. The infantry squad and MTLB are ordered by command not to move out or engage the enemy until it is confirmed that the unit protecting the re-transmitter facility has been destroyed. Once this occurs the infantry squad will board the MTLB and will travel to the re-transmitter facility to conduct their technical operation.

Your T-55A and crew are operating in support of an allied tank platoon consisting of a T-72B and two T-55A's which have orders to search and destroy all enemy mechanized forces in the area. You are to maneuver with the platoon at your discretion and assist with the destruction of enemy tanks and cavalry fighting vehicles as rapidly as possible.

Given that command wants to minimize the risk of destroying the communication towers, artillery support will not be provided for this mission. However, command has sent elite infantry anti-tank forces into the area under cover of darkness overnight which are now pre-positioned and will provide direct fire support for your tank force during the attack. These forces consist of an economy of forces RPG tank hunter infantry squad, and a counter-mech squad dug in with a Sprut-B heavy anti-tank gun - which was towed into position by the MTLB.

The enemy force consists of three elements. An armored cavalry force consisting of 3 Leopard 1A4's and a Shturm-S. A mech/infantry team consisting of two Shturm-S's and an infantry fire-team. Both of which are in the vicinity of the re-transmitter facility to the northwest. Finally, the third element is an infantry squad patrolling the battlefield area and will likely turn up during your attack.

The enemy forces are known elements of an elite armored cavalry division, and command urges you not to underestimate their capability even if the battle is going very much in your favor.

I personally have had a great time playing this mission, and I hope you enjoy it!

• Mortarman Deke

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