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mission "T-72 Defend Ammo Storage Facility" (for T-72:BoF)


This is a new defense mission set in the Farm map environment from the T-72 Balkans On Fire campaign. In this mission you are tasked with destroying a numerically superior armoured force.

The cache file is: Staging_Area t72.ca
The script file is: StageArea.pd

Your tank is a T-72B. Your tank crew and tank have been temporarily assigned to help keep a forward allied ground force staging area secure. Allied forces have set up this forward staging area on the grounds of a local farm. This area has been used frequently to arm up and supply allied armoured and infantry units which has resulted in numerous recent successes against enemy forces.

Intel reports have begun to indicate signs that enemy forces have become aware of the location of this forward operating base. We think that an enemy ground attack is imminent for this location in the very future. Fortunately, for allied forces, the tank units, and a majority of the infantry have moved out of the staging area and back to the front lines. Unfortunately, this means that your T-72B is the only tank located in the staging area currently. The other allied forces located in the staging area consist of a Sprut-B anti-tank gun and crew, a platoon sized element of airborne troops, and 2 Mi-8 helicopters attached to the airborne infantry unit. To help boost your firepower, the coaxial PKT machinegun in your T-72B has been replaced with a short barreled 12.7mm heavy machinegun.

Your mission is to destroy the numerically superior armoured force attacking the staging area.

The enemy force consists of three elements. A tank platoon of 4 Leopard 1A4 tanks, an armoured cavalry platoon consisting of 2 T-72Тs and a Shturm-S, and an infantry squad. All three elements are under orders to search and destroy all allied units located in the staging area.

Weather conditions are currently very clear, therefore expect enemy forces to obscure the approach of their armoured force with an artillery smoke barrage. The enemy forces are expected to approach from the southeast or south.

Finding a good hull-down position for your tank in this mission is critical. There are on the order of 10 hull-down tank positions in the staging area, not including 5 large shell craters, and a raised paved highway, so use any of these to your advantage and should the tactical situation change, be willing to move to another hull-down position.

As with some of the previous missions I have produced, it is recommended that you go into configuration mode (cfgmode.ca) and set your tankТs armor to 2.0. I had a great time assembling this mission, and testing it. I hope that you enjoy it too! Have fun!

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