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mission "T-55 Defense Mission V2" (for T-72:BoF)


This is an updated version of the previous T-55 Defense Mission enhancement.

The cache file is: VillageDefense t55.ca
The script file is: VillageDefense t55.pd

The differences from the previous enhancement are:
1) Each enemy group is reduced in size by one tank to improve game play performance.
2) Each SU-100 is replaced by a Leopard 1A4 tank.
3) The artillery/mortar fire for effect script point located on your position has been removed from the map

This is the Level 2 mission using the T-55A as the players tank.

You have 2 other T-55A's in your command. In support of you, there are a Sprut-B AT-gun and crew in a tank trench,and an infantry squad.

There are two offensive groups, both consisting of one T-72, a Leopard 1A4,
an MTLB, and an infantry squad. I recommend that you go into CFG mode and double the player's
tank's armor level so you essentially have a T-55AM. Be sure to command your two other T-55A's
to open fire and to take defensive positions immediately. This is a challenging mission, but
you and your tank platoon and support elements can pull it off. Good luck!

• Mortarman Deke

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