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mission "T-72 Defend Airfield" (for T-72:BoF)


In this mission you are tasked with supporting a small combined arms task force in the defense of a strategically important airfield.

The cache file is: DefendAirfield t72.ca
The script file is: DefAirfield.pd

Copy the sound file Person_call02.wav from your SOUNDS folder, location: Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire\DATA\SOUNDS, and paste the copy in your TASKS folder, location: Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire\DATA\SOUNDS\TASKS. Doing so will allow your T-72 tank commander to call out over the radio - "Look Alive!" as the mission starts.

Your tank is a T-72B, and you are operating in support of a combined arms task force consisting of 2 Mi-8's, 2 2A45M Sprut-B guns, a T-55A, a Shturm-S, and an infantry platoon. Your mission is to defend, and prevent the capture of at all costs, a critical allied airfield.

The Mi-8's are under orders to scramble immediately. They will fly to their initial point to the east at around 10,000 feet, then roll in over the battlefield at high speed and high angle of attack to improve survivability and effect on battlefield targets.

The veteran enemy force consists 4 T-72's, 2 Leopard 1A4's, and 2 infantry squads. Intel reports that the enemy mechanized forces will approach from the south and are under orders to seize the airfield and ultimately use it as a forward airstrip for their tactial aircraft. Since the enemy forces and allied forces need the airfield intact, neither side will be using artillery to prevent damaging the airstrip tarmac.

Allied forces have deployed anti-tank mines to the west, and southeast of the airfield. Tank obstacles including a tank ditch, dragon's teeth, girder tank obstacles have been deployed, but anticipate enemy forces to ultimately traverse these obstacles during the battle. If you choose to maneuver over a wide area during the battle, be wary of the two anti-tank mine fields.

This is a pretty intense mission, and it is recommended that prior to playing, you navigate into configuration mode and give the players tank an armor value of 2.00. The location of the configuration mode is Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire\CACHE\cfgmode.ca . In config mode, this is done in the section "Realism" under the parameter "Increase own tank's armor". Set the value to 2.00, click OK, then Exit.


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