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SPM1.5 NTA 1.3 (for SF)


Steel Panzer Mod 1.5 New Tank Addon v. 1.3 (SPM1.5 NTA1.3)

There are new models added and fixes done:
1.New tactical symbols for the new models (DOT(bunker), motorcycle)
2.New insignias/numbers
3.New gunsight 10t-15 for the SU-85
4.Binocular view for both the commander & loader of the Jagdpanther
5.Texture (camo) for the Stug III F
6.New airplanes:
•flying/stationary: IL-2, La-5, Ju-87(with camo), Me-BF109G
•only stationary: Mosquito, DB-3, Lancaster Mk.I, He-111
7.New tank/spg: Marder II(131, 132), T-35a, T-70, KB-1e, SU-100
8.“Drum” gunsight for the StugIIIC/D/Ferdinand/MarderII(131/132)/Brummbaer and Stug IIIG/MarderIII alternative
9.regpoly.engcfg (10 maps available for eng version)
10.DOT(bunker) rkka

1. The following SPGs are equipped with the“drum-shaped gunsight range finder:
- Brummbaer
- Ferdinand
- Stug III C/D
- Marder II (131/132)
To adjust the drum-gunsight you must press the keys “H/J”.

2. The following airplanes are now included:
- Stationary(“stat” in Mission Editor), only stay on the ground and cannot fly (HE-111, Mosquito, DB-3, Lancaster, IL-2, Ju-87, LA-5, Me-109)
- The others (Ju-87, Me-109, IL-2, LA-5) have the ability to fly.

See readme for more details.

SPM1.5 NTA1.3 team:
- Kyth
- lockie
- Maleshkin
- Mistwalker
- Stone2009

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Released: 06 Jul, 2011

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