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Стальная Ярость: Харьков 1942
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Steel Tank Add-on (STA) ex.NTA 1.0 For SF


There are the next new features to compare with NTA:

- added new tank Pz.35(t) (GER)
- gun 37mm KWK34(t) 39cal. + paired 7.9mm MG37(t), 7.9mm MG37(t) radist
- AP, PZGR(t) umg39, 675m/s
- APC, PZGR40(t)39/37, 980m/s
- HE, SPRGR(t)39, 657m/s
- added ATR platoon mod.1941 (GBR)
- fixed tank T-35A, his shells and sights
- fixed center mas for the regiment gun 76.2mm
- fixed multi-sound of MG-34
- added new tank M4A2 (USA)
- fixed mission "Tiger at the battle field" (GMP2.x)
- added "street lamp #01"
- added "street bench #01"
- fixed missions #02, 03 from campaign Barbarossa and slightly adjusted polygons
- added British `Valentine` MK3 with insignias
- added a fuel truck Blitz (desert, tri-color camo) (GER)
- added new destroyable building `toilet`
- added new APC `Universal carrier` (GBR)
- fixed armor of the Panther F
- fixed Pz38(t)
- fixed Marder III(H)

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Released: 05 Aug, 2014

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