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Steel Panzer Mod 2.0 test (for SF)


A link for anyone who wish to be a tester of this mod. SPM 1.5 + Ultimate Update + December 2012 UU patch - all in one.
As the name implies, this is not the final version. Suggestions about what should be added and what should be removed in the final version will be appreciated.

You may encounter some bugs for now so be aware.

Download Steel Panzer Mod 2.0 (test version)

Additional fix:
Steel Panzer Mod 2.0 fix V2

Will not work with any Ultimate Update patches and fixes and Ultimate Update itself (not needed).
Will work with sound mods, weather mods and mission packs.

A few things from 'November Update 2012' (English version) v.1.1(NTA) are missing:

1.Non-drum sights for German SPGs, wide-open hatches on tiger and KV-1S (features were not available on the real vehicles).
2.Updated texture for the early Tiger (texture messed up).
3.Hit effects textures (practically no different from the original. Glithes exist).
4.Armor_str for all Panther-based units is set to 2000 (Panther armor did not have cementation or strong face-hardening).

A few more features added:

-KV-1 mod. 42 with 90 mm turret armor and ZIS-5
-Mission "Millerovo pocket" on the existing polygon for KV-1 mod. 42
-One more camo variant for King Tiger (random camo will be selected for each vehicle)
-whukid's camo variant for Pz. IV (random camo will be selected for each vehicle)
-whukid's camo variant for Sdkfz. 251 (random camo will be selected for each vehicle)
-Minor changes on some models to make them more historically correct
-The old King Tiger texture is more sharp and clear
-Sights for Stug 3 modifications changed to real ones with adjusting cylinder
-Gear ratios for the vehicles on the same base are unified
-Corrected gun horisontal traverse angle for some soviet SPGs
-Fixed nonexistent superstructure front armor for Marder II
-Added some new units
-Turn speed for heavy tanks decreased
-Updated shot sounds for D-25T, KwK42, 85 mm, 152 mm guns (sounds different for each gun)
-Added new dirve sound for the soviet heavy and medium tanks (temporarily)
-Updated (all triangles move) dual sight with 2.5x and 5x magnification for Panther A and G
-Some minor corrections in configs and texts
- (in the near future) Will be compatible with Aces' mods

Submitter: Tanx
Released: 30 Aug, 2014

Version: 2.0t
Downloads: 5421
File Size: 915.51 Mb

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Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 1

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 42h19min
ISDN(64k) : 37h 2min
DSL(768k) : 3h 5min
LAN(10M) : 14.2min
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: Not Specified | Limitations: None

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