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Стальная Ярость: Харьков 1942
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Free Camera Mod (English) for SF


Free Camera Mod for Steel Fury

Now into the missions it is possible to enable the free camera. By-default the camera it is possible to cause combination SHIFT+F11.

Change a combination of keys for enable of free camera (Debug camera) and save new options of keys.

To change a combination it is possible in keyboard options in the game menu, section "Misc".
Control of the camera from the NumPad keyboard (also as well as in the editor) with enabled NumLock.
Keys can be looked in keyboard settings in the menu of game or in manual.
And also you can use for moving camera middle and right mouse buttons.

• Tanx

Keys for control look in \docs\editor_manual.pdf
1.2 Editor description, Table 1.1 – Shortcuts. Page 9 - "Debugging camera control"
NumLock must be switch-ON

Down - NUMPAD9
Forward - NUMPAD8
Backward - NUMPAD2
Turn left - NUMPAD4
Turn right - NUMPAD6
Left - NUMPAD1
Right - NUMPAD3
Turn upwards - RightCTRL+NUMPAD8
Turn downwards - RightCTRL+NUMPAD2
Turn left around the point - RCTRL+NUMPAD4
Turn right around the point - RCTRL+NUMPAD6
Back to initial position - NUMPAD5
Enable editing mode - RightCTRL+NUMPAD5 (I begin with this 8))
Height control - Mouse scrolling
Shift mode (mouse shift) - Right Mouse Button + Axis X/Y
Shift mode (turn) - Middle Mouse Button + Axis X/Y
Accelerate camera (!!!) - LeftCTRL and move camera - (It is not documented!! 8) - thanks 1_m)

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Publisher: Tanx
Released: 20 Nov, 2008

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