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"MOD T-34 crew head movement" for SF [by Fercyful]


Hi there!

This game is GREAT and hope more MODs will arise soon...

Here is my little contribution...

With this MOD you will can turn more and better your head as a T-34 crew!

NOW you will can see in a nicer way all the things that happen inside your T-34 tank ;-)
(love to see the loader place the rounds in a better way!)

I think can have a 3D crew ADD a LOT to the realism of this kind of games, well done GRAVITEAM!

(that is a thing I miss in Armed Assault game, nice tanks but donґt have any interior, Operation Flashpoint
have them and was much more real for me...)

thanks for try this MOD, hope you will like it...



  • In mod loaded on tanksim.tk "mods installer" has been added.


Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: Fercyful
Released: 27 Nov, 2008

Downloads: 2384
File Size: 332.46 Kb

Rating:   (2 Votes)

Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 54s
ISDN(64k) : 47s
DSL(768k) : 4s
LAN(10M) : 0.30s
Price: Free | Platform:  | License: Not Specified | Limitations: Not Specified

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