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Steel Sound Mod v1.1 - Fixed version (English) for SF


Steel Sound Mod v1.1 - Fixed version (English)

1. New phrases for russian infantry;
2. New sounds for the recharge of tank gun;
3. New sound for the projectile armour hit;
4. Replaced sounds for the weapons:
-gun and machine gun of T-34;
-gun and machine gun of Matilda;
-gun and machine gun of Pz-IVF2;
-german and russian rifles;
-PPSh and МР-40 submachine guns;
-PaK 40 gun;
-MG-34 machine gun;
-KwK 37 tank gun;
-KwK 30 tank gun;
-20-K tank gun;
-53-K anti tank gun;
-61-K air defense gun;
-76 mm divisional gun M1939 (USV);
-M-30 howitzer;
-leFH 18 howitzer;
-76 mm regimental gun M1927;
-RS-82 rockets;

• Hemul
• EgorOgr

  • Please disable old version of Steel Sound Mod before enable this version.

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