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Steel Panzer Mod v1.2 (English)


Steel Panzer Mod v1.2

1) Two new player controlled units are added(without cockpits):
•Mk. III Valentine
•KV-1 armed with ZIS-5 gun
2) Divisions with new player controlled units for creation of user missions are added to the mission editor.
3) Two new campaigns are added. Missions are based on «Soviet army, Group South» campaign. First campaign consists from 5 missions on Mk. III Valentine, second campaign consists from 4 missions on KV-1.
4) Ammunition is corrected for KV-1, Mk. III Valentine, T-26, BT-5, T-38, T-60, BA-10, PzKpfw-IIC, PzKpfw-IIIJ, SdKfz 232, StuG-III, IL-2.
5) MG-151 guns are excluded from armament of Ju-87B bomber.
6) Damage zones(engine, transmission, fuel tank and so on) are changed for Panzerjager I, SdKfz 250/1, SdKfz 232, PzKpfw-IIC, PzKpfw-IIIJ, PzKpfw-IVF1/F2, StuG-III, BA-10, BT-5, T-26, T-38, T-60, T-34, KV-1, Mk. III Valentine, Mk.II Matilda, ZIS-5.
7) Tracks are corrected (alignment, width, guide horns): KV-1, T-60, T-26, T-38, BT-5, Mk. III Valentine, Mk.II Matilda, Panzerjager I, SdKfz250/1, SdKfz 251/1, SdKfz 251/10, PzKpfw-IIC.
8) PT4-7 and TMFD gunsight reticles swaped according to reality.
9) Hatches opening is fixed for SdKfz 232. Fourth crewmember is added.
10) Features of realization of new player controlled tanks.
There is no cockpits for the new player controlled tanks. Player sees black screen(it can be sparkling with other colors sometimes) when he is not looking through the sights. Commander of the Mk. III Valentine is the loader at the same time. Only machine gunner-radio operator and loader can get out the tank through hatches in KV-1, and only loader has binoculars. Course indicator(upper right corner) for the commanders of Mk. III Valentine and KV-1 shows not the alignment of turret but alignment of pistol barrel in pistol port relative to the hull.

Steel Panzer Mod v1.1

1) One new player controlled unit is added:
2) Divisions with new player controlled unit for creation of user missions are added to the mission editor.
3) Player tank in «Barvenkovo» single mission is changed to PzKpfw-IVF1.
4) Player tank in first 2 missions of wermacht campaign is changed to PzKpfw-IVF1.
5) Balistics of PzKpfw-IVF2 projectiles is changed (muzzle velocity and weight).
6) Name of PzKpfw-IVF2 HE projectile is changed.
7) Overall ammunition of PzKpfw-IVF1 is lowered to 80 rounds.
8) Overall ammunition of Mk.II Matilda is raised to 93 rounds.
9) The quantity of HEAT and APCR rounds lowered for PzKpfw-IVF2 and PzKpfw-IVF1 by default.
10) The quantity of bullets in tapes for machine guns is increased for PzKpfw-IVF2, PzKpfw-IVF1 and Mk.II Matilda.
11) The quantity of bullets(rounds) in tapes(cartridges) is changed for T-60, 37-mm AA gun (61-K), MG-34, SVT-40, TT, Walther P38, DP, PPSh-41.
12) Reload time is increased for T-34, KV-1, F-22USV, 76 mm regimental gun M1927., PzKpfw-IVF2, Pak-38, Flak-18/36.
13) Reload time is decreased for PzKpfw-IIIJ, Pak-35/36.
14) Crews of Panzerjager I and SdKfz 251/10 wear Helmets now.
15) Crew of SdKfz 251/10 consists from infantry now.
16) Hand arms of russian and german tank crews are changed(the quantity of submachine guns is decreased).

Steel Panzer Mod v1.0

1) Three player controlled units are added:
•Panzerjager I
•SdKfz 251/10
•PzKpfw T-34/747(r)
2) Divisions with new player controlled units for creation of user missions are added to the mission editor.
3) Four new single missions(available in «Single Missions») based on german campaign missions are added. There are 1 mission on PzKpfw T-34/747(r), 1 mission on SdKfz 251/10 and 2 missions on Panzerjager I.
4) Damage zones(engine, transmission, fuel tank and so on) are changed for SdKfz 251/1, SdKfz 251/10 and Panzerjager I.
5) New icons of PzKpfw-IVF2 rounds are added to the HUD(more realistic).
6) Crew quantity for BA-10 is fixed. Class of BA-10 is changed from APC to armored car.
7) Infantry places lowered in SdKfz 251/1. The quantity of carried personal is increased to 10. One machine gunner is removed.

Unofficial patch v0.1 and Steel Sound Mod v1.1 should be installed for correct work of this mod.

• egorOgr
• Hemul
• Great thanks for help in creation of mod go to: Vyacheslav, Tanx, Taranov and Nordd
• Special and very much many thanks Andrey12345 for the invaluable help and support in creation of mod

Submitter: Hemul
Released: 06 Dec, 2008

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LAN(10M) : 24s
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