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Playable Panzer IIC, IIIJ, IIIJ/1, StuG III (by Mikhayl) for SF



• Updated 26-12-08, v0.2 - fixed StuG III gunsight

After the Panzer II I figured I'd try the others so here it is

the readme:
Playable Panzer IIC, Panzer IIIJ, IIIJ/1 and StuG III for Steel Fury

This mod will allow you play these 4 vehicles in "cloned" missions. I copied missions from the Steel Panzer mod and changed the player unit so you can enjoy something different, and mission makers can use the new player units in their missions

You will need the unofficial patch + Steel Panzer 1.2 installed first or it won't work.

Special thanks to Egorogr, MrFreeze and the Steel Panzer modders for the inspiring job and help.
And to Graviteam for their open-mindedness regarding modding, thank you.

More details:

-unlike the previous Panzer II mod, this one doesn't replace any unit so it has no effect at all on any of your missions.

-there's one "sample" mission for each vehicle, it's just a copy of the existing missions with a different player unit, it won't conflict with the original missions.

-there's no interiors, in interior view you will just see a plain black/white/grey screen. You only have the sight views and unbuttoned for some crew members (not all)

-I changed some specs to try to reflect a bit more reality but admitedly there's likely many inaccuracies left

-the StuG III gun sight is supposed to be able to rotate independantly from the gun to cover a wider arc (like the KV1 sight), but I could manage this short of having a KV1 gunsight, so the visibility is pretty awful on that machine (much like the Pzj-1). I hope to figure that out at some point.


Download: (Original Link)


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Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: Mikhayl
Released: 27 Dec, 2008

Downloads: 4964
File Size: 9.6 Mb

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Mirrors Available: 2

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Modem(56k) : 26.6min
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LAN(10M) : 9s
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