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Steel Panzer Mod v1.3 (English)


Steel Panzer Mod v1.3

1) One new player controlled unit is added(without cockpit):
• Pz-IIIJ L/60
2) Two new AI controlled units are added:
• Sdkfz 7/1
• Opel Blitz
3) Divisions with new units are added to the mission editor for creation of user missions.
4) One «new» campaign (available in «Campaigns&Missions») based on «German Army, Fridericus 1» is added: 10 missions on the Pz-IIIJ L/60.
5) Changes to the campaigns(original and added by earlier versions of this mod): difficulty is slightly increased for the first missions, units composition is changed for better authenticity, new units are added.
6) Names of all rounds are corrected. Caliber information is added.
7) HEAT round “Igr.38” is added to the ammunition of german 7.5cm Light Infantry Gun
leIG 18.
8) APCR round “PzGr.40” is added to the ammunition of the Pz-IIIJ L/42.
9) Mass is increased for the rounds of the Mk.II Matilda.
10) Tracer is added for the AP/T Mk.I round of the Mk.II Matilda.
11) Explosives are added into the AP/T Mk.I round of the Mk.II Matilda.
12) Ammunition is increased for the Stug-III in accordance to historical data.
13) Quantity of the APCR rounds is decreased for the Pz-IVF2 in accordance to historical data.
14) Grouping of shots is decreased for the 23mm VYa-23 Aircraft Gun of the IL-2 Ground Assault Aircraft.
15) Armor piercing factor is corrected for the rounds of the Pz-IIIJ.
16) Engine power and gearbox are corrected for the Pz-III and Pz-IV.
17) Player tank in the single mission «Zavody» is set to KV-1.
18) Sound of turret traverse is added for the playable tanks, which are without cockpit.

Unofficial patch v0.1 and Steel Sound Mod v1.1 should be installed for correct work of this mod.

• egorOgr
• Hemul
• Great thanks for help in creation of mod go to: Vyacheslav, Tanx, Taranov and Nordd
• Special and very much many thanks Andrey12345 for the invaluable help and support in creation of mod
• egorOgr
• Hemul
• Thanks to Mikhayl for his config files of the playable Pz-III.

Compatibility with other mods:
Free Camera Mod, Steel Textures Mod v1.0, MOD T-34 crew head movement, Muddy & Dusty Texture Mod - Part 1, Steel Sound Mod v1.1, Sound Mod (by NSU), Frontline Acoustics (Sound Mod) (This mod should be installed before the Steel Panzer Mod v1.3) are compatible with Steel Panzer Mod v1.3.
It is recommended to install Steel Panzer Mod v1.3 in the very last turn(unless pointed that the foreign mod is based on and intended for Steel Panzer Mod v1.3), Compass mod v02.

Submitter: Hemul
Updated On: 04 Apr, 2009

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Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 2h 9min
ISDN(64k) : 2h52min
DSL(768k) : 9.4min
LAN(10M) : 43s
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