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Steel Panzer Mod v1.4 (English)


Steel Panzer Mod v1.4

1) 7 new player controlled units are added(without cockpits):
•Sdkfz 232 6-rad
2) 1 new AI controlled unit is added:
•BMW R12 motorcycle
3) Divisions with new units for creation of user missions are added to the mission editor.
4) 1 new campaign is added (available in «Campaigns & Missions»), 5 missions on Stug-IIIC/D.
5) 6 «new» single missions (available in «Single Missions») based on missions from soviet and german campaigns missions are added. There are 1 mission on T-26, 1 mission on BT-5, 1 mission on T-38, 1 mission on BA-10, 1 mission on Sdkfz 232 6-rad, 1 mission on Pz-IIC.
6) Name of the shell of german anti-tank rifle is corrected.
7) Single missions are sorted in chronological order.

1) Reload of the Pz-IIC and Sdkfz 232 gun is automatic. You should choose desired ammunition type only. Reload key(“R”) should not be pressed to avoid glitches.
2) Gunsights of BT-5, T-26 и BA-10 operation:
Periscopic panoramic sight PT-1 has circular distance scale for armor piercing rounds only.
Telescopic sight TOP has distance grid. It should be remembered for armor piercing rounds that grid’s “6” digit is for 800 meters distance and “8” digit is for 1100 meters.

Submitter: Hemul
Released: 19 Jul, 2009

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