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Barbarossa Campaign beta 5 (by Rends)


Barbarossa Campaign beta

What`s new:
-Mission 1 bugfixes
-Mission 2 new
-Mission3 new (should be familar if you ever installed "my first mission"
- Now you can play 4 missions.
- Now 5 missions
- Briefing and loading images for all maps
- Campaign difficulty can be set in the Option "Force balance" setting.
You can play it at easy 1-3, normal 4-6 or hard 7+
The campaign is meant to be played at balance setting 5
(I wasn´t able to win mission5 at balance setting 7)

For installation simple follow the readme file you find in the zip file

Here you go:
Click on the SF42 icon for the campaign link.


You need SPM 1.5 and SPM 1.5 NTA1.4 (ENG) / (RUS)


Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: Rends
Updated On: 25 Oct, 2011

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