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Playable T34-76 Mod for TvT (English version)




This mod will enable the T36/76 in T34 vs Tiger. Unfortunately the interior views do not work correctly due to the lack of camera views in the T35/76 model file. The Commander's unbuttoned view (F1), The gunners gunsight (F3), periscope (F4), the full screen view for all positions (F5) and the commanders binoculars (F3) views all work fine.

The graphic for the ammo loadout has been changed in both T34 tanks to show the following ammunition types.

1. AP (Armour Piercing)

2. APCR (Armour Piercing Composite Rigid) with a tungsten core

3. HE (High Explosive)

4. MG (Machine Gun)

Due to the fact that the commanders hatch greatly impares your vision in the F1 view I have decided to remove the animated commanders hatch on the player controlled T34/76. The AI controlled T34/76 tanks have all hatch animations left activated.

I have included a new 1st mission for the Russian SP misisons. This mission simply replaces the player controlled T34-85 with the T34-76. If you do not wish to use this modified mission then do not extract the missions folder from the mod archive.

The mod can be downloaded from this link. Note this is a new version with the fixed TIGER_BOT included.


For those who have the TIGER_BOT missing from the MP skirmish mode please download the following file. Simply extract the contents of the Player T34_76 folder in the zip file to your T34 vs Tiger root folder.



Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: ICDP
Released: 10 Nov, 2008

Downloads: 2488
File Size: 10.02 Mb

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Mirrors Available: 2

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 27.8min
ISDN(64k) : 24.3min
DSL(768k) : 2.0min
LAN(10M) : 9s
Price: Free | Platform:  | License: Not Specified | Limitations: Not Specified

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