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Monk's Multi Player mod version 3 for TvT (English version)


Monk's Multiplayer Mod for T34 vs Tiger
Version 3

This mod is made for the tanksimulator T34 versus Tiger.
It changes the skirmishmode for this game.

Basicly this release offers a team deathmatch mode for this game.
Both tanktypes spawn at another side of the map.
When you choose a T34 then you spawn at the base of the soviet team.
When you choose a Tiger then you spawn at the base of the german team.

tHeBaLrOgRoCkS - Maps
Kimura - Realistic Piercing & vehicle behaviour
Smartenheimer - Tiger sounds
Ritterkreuz - Various sounds
VaseMKII - grid lines
Monkwarrior - Coding
KdF - Read-me Editor

Changelog version 3
* Aded mechanism so players always spawn in their own camp
* Added 3 remaining skirmish maps
* Added all 6 existing teambased maps
* Added 2 cusom maps, basicly 2 small sized maps without vegetation => long range shooting
* Added gridlines for all maps so players can talk about coordinates
* Teambalancing, players joining a server get a message if the team they are joining is filled. Serveradmins can turn teambalancing on or off. See the file Game.script for an explanation.
* Tweaked penetration for T34 shells and adjusted the Tiger speed
* Tiger engines overheat now too
* Steering of both tanks has been adjusted for the lower speeds to make them turn more quickly


How to install (same for players as servers)

1) We suggest you make a backup of your Gamesettings Script before the new install if needed Later.
2) Ensure that you have a clean, unmodded installation of T34vsTiger => Make sure you remove MMP2 if it's installed , we suggest a complete clean Install.
3) Backup the following directories: Scripts , Missions, Resources, Textures and Sounds of your main T34 directory (place them OUTSIDE your main T34 directory, for instance C:\backup!)
4) Download and run the file called mmp3.exe point the installator to your main T34-directory, Usually C:/Program Files/Lighthouse Interactive/ T34VSTiger
5) do NOT create an icon during the installation, it won't work, just start the game as you usually do
6) Enjoy!

Serveradmins can change some variables serverside.
At the moment you need to edit the file called Game.script in your /scripts/common directory.

If you want the server to check the files of the joining players, make the following true.
boolean m_extrachecksum = true;

If you want teambalancing then the following needs to be true not false.
boolean m_teambalancing = false;

Enjoy, Monk.

Changelog version 2
Gameplay changes
* The server tank can be made immortal
* Players cann't be made immortal (bug in T34vsTiger)
* Added teambased scoreboard (teams are now called German and Soviet team)
* Added number of deaths behind the kills on the scoreboard
* When players join the server their files are checked and compaired with the serverfiles
* Your choice of tank determines which side of the map you will spawn
* All tigers spawn together as do all t34's
* Changed maps

Piercing and tankbehaviour changes
* The drivable T-34/76 (T-34/76 mod) should now not interfer anymore with the T-34/85.
* The 34/76 and 34/85 tanks got a 4-speed gearbox.
* Gear box ratio after ?T-34 Mythical Weapon?
* Corrected engine rev of 1800rpm. 1.overheat @1701rpm, 2nd @1750rpm
* Correted ammo load out for the 34/85
* Loadingtime of all guns after guns specs now
* Piercing performance corrected to 0њ impact angle for all weapons
* Corrected armor thickness. For Tiger armor equivalent after Jentz Tiger in Combat (British shooting trials on a Tiger)
* Corrected revs for Tiger I to 2600rpm 1.overheat @2601rpm, 2nd @2800rpm
* Gear box ratio after spec.

Sound changes
19 new sounds for the Tiger were added (thanks to smartenheimer).
New gear change sound included and some track squeeching sounds added too. Every gear ratio has it's own sound except the highest three gears have the same sample. Don't mistake the pops and cracks coming from the exhaust as gun fire!

Changed maps
For the mmp2 mod to work we had to change some of the current DM-maps. This mod only works with the following 3 skirmish maps:
* Little Village (16 player map)
* Road on Fire (16 player map)
* Red sunset (10 player map)

Changed files

Script files in the /scripts/common directory
* Client.script
* Game.script
* DMmission.script
* Server.script
* Console.script
* PlayerUnit.script
* Armour.script
* Piercing.script

Script files in the /scripts/units directory
* T34_76_42.script
* T34_85_44.script
* TankPzVIAusfEUnit.script

Menu scriptfiles in the scripts/menus directory
* multiplayermenu.script
* joingamemenu.script



We make no Warrantees, expressed or Implied in any way shape or form. No winks, nod's or head-shakes. Install at your own risk, Any Borkage is the fault of the Installer, not the Modders
We didn't make any money on this, we won't make any, so if the world as we know it ceases, you can't sue a Beet. Carry on Tankers.


Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: Monkwarrior
Released: 28 Jan, 2009

Downloads: 1689
File Size: 27.97 Mb
Home Page: www.panzersim.com

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Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 1h17min
ISDN(64k) : 1h 7min
DSL(768k) : 5.7min
LAN(10M) : 26s
Price: Free | Platform:  | License: Not Specified | Limitations: Not Specified

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