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Mission - Hurry up kubelwagen! v1.0


Hi, friends!
This is a new one of unexpected one. Let me introduce: KUBELWAGEN – VW-82 as a military unit.
Try to check it out!
Well, the main purpose was to get the unit and see how it does. That's all.
Short mission order:
1. Visit s. Chonkino
2. Visit s. Chmarovka
3. Get back to the start position.
The whole column is for trifle. I don't want to explore as for all details, just play and have a look
There's a readme where u get all details.
- mission created on the base of the polygon w06_petrovka
- bike bmw can’t sink
- kubelwagen armor is increased to 5mm
- you can’t control the whole column

Installation (by JSGME.exe):
1. SPM 1.5+fix.
2. "Hurry up kubelwagen!_v1.0".
3. Start „Create new mission” -> Hurry up kubelwagen.datapack -> „Unpack”.
4. Optional. If you want to see the new picture and notes during mission loading.
Open  ...Kharkov 1942\data\k42\loc_rus\levels\levels\camp\user_camp.engcfg
Make a change:
Kubelwagen hurry up!, Kubelwagen hurry up!, 1, 0, back_t01.tga, txt_cit_01, 30, txt_hist_intro, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\ Kubelwagen hurry up!.level;
Kubelwagen hurry up!, txt_name_mission_vw-82, 1, 0, kubel_82.jpg, txt_ldm_hurry_up_cit_01, 7, txt_history_vw-82, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\Kubelwagen hurry up!.level;
5. Play the game,  user mission “Kubelwagen hurry up!”.

Credits: SPM 1.5 developers, Игорь123(test, suggestions, russian localization)

~35 Mb.

Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: lockie
Released: 03 Dec, 2010

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