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Стальная Ярость: Харьков 1942
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Kyth Mission 1



Kyth Mission 1

In this semi-historical scenario, the Red Army has pulled off a nasty surprise with their initial Spring offensive in the Kharkov area.
Elements of the 3rd Panzer division (that's you) have to deal with the developing situation, which could only be described as 'a ghastly mess'.

Download the mission here

As always, you have to add a new line in the user_camp.engcfg file to get it to show up:
New_KY_01, txt_mc_mymission_1, 1, 0, Back_KY01.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_01.level;

Good hunting!


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