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Panzer III Campaign (for SF) by Kyth




Time to get your new Steel Fury campaign! 10 action-packed sequential missions, full of sound and fury in your Panzer III (and IV)!

As usual, there's something you need to add, an extra line to the 'camp_list.engcfg' file:

camp\KY_camp.engcfg, werm_5, txt_cm_camp_werm_5, true, img_user3;

Get it and have a blast!


- The quickest way to install the Campaign is using 'JSGME' (Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler), same as the installation of the Steel Panzer mod.
- The campaign is contained in the downloaded file, 'KythCampaign.rar'. Extract the 'KythCampaign.rar' file to the 'MODS' folder. (I use WinRAR to do this)
- The new 'mod' should show up in the 'available mods', and can be activated:

- Add in an extra line to the 'camp_list.engcfg' file, for example:


camp\main_camp.engcfg, teach, txt_cm_camp_teach, false, img_t34;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, single, txt_cm_camp_single, false, img_single;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_1, txt_cm_camp_rkka_1, true,  img_t34;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_2, txt_cm_camp_rkka_2, true,  img_mk2;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_8, txt_cm_camp_rkka_8, true,  img_teach;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_4, txt_cm_camp_rkka_4, true,  img_user9;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_3, txt_cm_camp_rkka_3, true,  img_user2;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_t60, txt_cm_camp_rkka_t60, true, ,;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_5, txt_cm_camp_rkka_5, true, ,;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_6, txt_cm_camp_rkka_6, true, ,;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_7, txt_cm_camp_rkka_7, true, ,;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, rkka_trophy, txt_cm_camp_rkka_trophy, false, ,;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_1, txt_cm_camp_werm_1, true,  img_pz4;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_2, txt_cm_camp_werm_2, true,  img_user10;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_3, txt_cm_camp_werm_3, true,  img_user1;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_4, txt_cm_camp_werm_4, true,  img_user11;
camp\KY_camp.engcfg, werm_5, txt_cm_camp_werm_5, true, img_user3;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_new, txt_cm_camp_werm_new, true,  img_user8;
camp\main_camp.engcfg, werm_stug, txt_cm_camp_werm_stug, true, ,;

- You can find the 'camp_list.engcfg' file here:

- If you've installed it correctly, the new campaign should now appear in the Campaign / Mission select screen:

And that's it! Good Luck, you will need it!



Submitter: 1_m
Publisher: Kyth
Released: 11 Jul, 2011

Downloads: 1146
File Size: 10.35 Mb
Home Page: graviteam.com

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Reviews:  (0)

Mirrors Available: 4

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 28.7min
ISDN(64k) : 25.1min
DSL(768k) : 2.1min
LAN(10M) : 10s
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: Not Specified | Limitations: None

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