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Kursk/Prokhorovka map for SF1942 (by Rends)


Here is the final version of my new map Prokhorovka.

What you get:
Command either a T-34,SU-122,Panther,Tiger or the Stug-III on the biggest tank battle of WWII.
Original terrain based on google map heightmap

Get the final version here: [url]http://www.filefront.com/17372583/Steel_Fury_Rends_ProkhoV1.zip[/url]


Rends Prokhorovka Version 1

Importand for beta users only!
If you have already the beta version of this map installed you need
to disable it in the JSGME mod enabler first!
Next you need to delete the following line you already added to your camp_list.ENGCFG file in following directory

c:/program files/Lighthouse Interactive/Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942/data/k42/loc_rus/levels/LEVELS/camp/

delete this line:

camp\prokho_camp.engcfg, prokho, txt_cm_camp_Prokho, true, img_single;

and save the file

Installation instructions:

First make sure that you have the JSGME mod enabler installed and that the Steel Panzer mod 1.5 beta (or higher) is enabled.
Next copy the "Rends_Prokhorovka_Version1" folder you find next to this readme file into the "MODS" folder you find under
c:/program files/Lighthouse Interactive/Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942
Run the JSGME mod enabler and activate "Rends_Prokhorovka_Version1"

Next open the camp_list.ENGCFG with notepad. You find the file under

c:/program files/Lighthouse Interactive/Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942/data/k42/loc_rus/levels/LEVELS/camp/

2. Now add following 2 lines directly under the exsisting camp entries

camp\prokho_camp.engcfg, prokho, txt_cm_camp_Prokho, true, img_t34;
camp\prokhower_camp.engcfg, prokhower, txt_cm_camp_Prokho1, true, img_pz4;

Check install screenshot about how it should look like!
Close notepad and you will be asked to save the file. Click on the yes button.

Run the game and you find 2 Prokhorovka entries in the campaign list.

That's all!

Notice the first 2 mission for each side are basicly the same just with different tanks.
This means also that the mission instructions stay the same.

Godzilla1985 for beta tests, suggestions and spelling corrections
Ntalex for beta tests and suggestions
The SF community who tested the first beta version



Submitter: Tanx
Publisher: Rends
Released: 06 Oct, 2011

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