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mission "T-34-85 Defend Firebase" (for T-72:BoF)


This is another mission for the T-34/85 tank, set in the training mission map environment. I had wanted to build out another mission for the T-34 tank, and with a little inspiration from the movie - The Siege of Firebase Gloria, I centered the mission around the small area surrounded by tank trenches in the northwest quarter of the training mission map.

The cache file is: T34DefendFirebase.ca
The script file is: T34DefFireb.pd

In this mission, your T-34/85 tank and an RPG heavy infantry squad are attached to a battery of 5 Sprut-B 125mm anti-tank guns currently located in a fortified firebase. An additional RPG heavy infantry squad will be airlifted to the firebase and dropped off by an allied Mi-8 helicopter after the fighting starts. The helicopter will then proceed to search for and attack enemy ground forces with its unguided rockets.

Enemy forces assaulting the firebase consist of three separate groups. One section is 2 T-55A's, and an SU-100, another is 2 Leopard 1A4's, an SU-100, and an infantry squad, and the third is a platoon of M-50 SuperShermans.

The burms along the edges of the tank ditches make excellent cover for your tank, so be sure to exploit that. As the different sections attack the firebase, be open to moving your T-34 to more advantageous positions to make engagement easier, and also to increase your protection from enemy fire.

Allied RPG gunners and the Sprut-B's will be providing heavy resistance against the
advancing enemy forces, which makes for an awesome show of tank busting rockets and artillery while you are in the thick of defending the firebase. Keep in mind though, those units are in the open, which means the infantry and artillery will also need your tank to be staying active with its 85mm tank gun to suppress and draw enemy firepower from and for them. The 85mm BKS (HEAT) round is the most effective projectile in this mission, especially against the T-55A's and Leopard's.

Your T-34/85 tank has been modernized in this mission with a fully stabilized 85mm tank gun, and an improved internal fire fighting system. The stabilizer will already be ON when you start your tank at the beginning of the mission.

This one was a lot of fun to produce and test. Enjoy!

• Mortarman Deke (Craig Sazama)

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