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Steel Fury (Game F.A.Q)
Автор: Tanx
Дата публикации: 24 Jan, 2009

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Steel Fury (Game FAQ)

Q. Iam planning to buy the euro version of steel fury. What kind of fixes and patches are needed/recommended? What about mods?

Unofficial Patch for English version
http://steelfury.info/SF-ENG/Unofficial_patch_SF_v0[1].1_eng.exe (for English version)

http://tanksim.org.ru/wfdownloads-singlefile.cid-17-lid-49.htm (for English version with description)

Fix Widescreen Bug

Mods (for English version)

Q. When the mission ends, I don't understand what some of the damage codes mean. {HR,GR,P}. The manual doesn't show everything.

It is a localisation error in user_manual.pdf
Somebody have forgotten to translate "Table 10.1 – Codes of damage and their interpretation." 

L - Lights (projectors, headlights, dimensions).
S - Sights, periscopes.
dr - Driver is incapacitated (contused, badly wounded or killed).
gn - Gunner. Gunlayer is incapacitated (contused, badly wounded or killed).
cm - Commander. Commander is incapacitated (contused, badly wounded or killed).
ld - Loader. Loader is incapacitated (contused, badly wounded or killed).
mg - Machine gunner is incapacitated (contused, badly wounded or killed).
2l - 2nd loader.
P - Track damaged.
E - Engine. Engine broken or damaged.
* - Fire
A - Ammo. Ammunition damaged.
T - Transmission damaged.
R - Radio damaged
F - Fuel tank is punched
GR - Gun malfunction
HR - Turret turning mechanism damaged or jammed
W - Weapons. Armament damaged.
AC - Accumulator damaged

Q. Lighthouse Interactive sent us a preview copy of Steel Fury, I wanted to ask about the training missions: the tank seems to have problems crossing shell craters and hills. Is this intentional to keep the player on the path? I played the first mission and the tank there seems to have normal power.

In game features of each tank, and also its behaviour on different types of a landscape and in different weather conditions are simulated.
In training mission you steer the heavy tank with weak engine Mk2 Matilda. Therefore some complexities in overcoming by this tank of abrupt high liftings are possible.

Q. In the German PzIV the main gun reticle is missing the aiming lines. Is there a fix for this? If so where can I find it?

Q. And lastly, how come when I try to use the TC scan site in the PzIV it does not work (even with armor caps open) and if I hit the T/Y rotation keys my crew bails out to fix damage (even when no damage is apparent)? I do have the AI set to auto on damage repair should I change this to manual?

A. It is a localisation error. Please download, install and enable an Unofficial patch for Steel Fury v0.1 (eng)

This patch fixes errors, which were found in english version of the game.

1. Bug with no gunsight reticle in the PzKpfw IV F2 is fixed;
2. Bug with loosing tracks by pressing "T" key is fixed;
3. Tracks are no longer fixed by crew. This feature was not present in the russian version of the game, and it doesn't work correctly in the western version. ("auto Track repair" feature still works if turned on);
4. Mistakes and uncertainties, which were found in translation, are fixed;

Look description on tanksim.org.ru

Q. When I play as a gunner and the driver is dead I can switch to his position. Why cannot I switch to another position when Im killed being the commander? In real life when the commander is dead I think the remaining crew would try to get away?
A. You are directly the commander of the tank. If you kill is "game over" for you.
You can try to keep the commander (you) having changed physically (over CTRL) on other more safe place, for example to the place of the driver (CTRL+F1) in mission beginning.

Q. Tank commander does not indicate the targets..
A. In "realism setting" enable "Allow Target Markers".

Q. What to do against attacks from fighters?
A. You can't do nothing against aircrafts.

Q. How to give orders to a single AI unit?
A. You can't give orders to a single AI unit. It's not tactical/RTS game.

Q. How to hide game interfice?
A. user_manual.pdf
CTRL+BackSpace (disable interface), [/] (disable console panel), CTRL+\ (disable target mark)

Q. ...and get free sight to the battlefield?
Free camera mod

Q. Is there a way to turn off the sub-title text eg. "Forward", "Loading Armour Piercing Round" etc?
A. In game options choose "disable sound and music", this also disable subtitles.

Q. Where to get infos to the tactical signs?
A. look \docs\editor_manual.pdf, Page 57, Table 9.2 – Map symbols.

look elso tactical_symbols.pdf

Q. I own the Saitek X-52, and want, for example, put X axis for move foreward/backward, put Z axis to power up/down, but axis and buttons aren't set on the game options.
Can someone tell me how to do that?

A. If you can't change the settings of axis of joystick in the game options, then use joystick utilities please.

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